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VIDEO: Jaguar and Shell launch world’s first in-car payment system

Jaguar drivers can now use their car’s touchscreen to pay for fuel with a new onboard cashless payment app. Once installed, drivers can pull up at any Shell service station and select how much fuel they require and from which pump. After refuelling, the customer is charged via a cloud based system using Paypal or Apple Pay and an electronic receipt is displayed on screen, as well as being sent by email. The app is available to download now.

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VIDEO: Shell unveils ultra efficient concept car

Shell has revealed an ultra efficient concept car. Based on the Gordon Murray designed T.25, the lightweight three seater comes as part of a co-engineering project where body, engine design and lubricants are all created together. Shell developed a special motor oil to enhance the overall efficiency of the vehicle by minimising friction. Independent testing showed the car would deliver a 34% reduction in energy use over its lifecycle when compared to a typical city car, and use 69% less energy that a typical SUV.