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VIDEO: Jaguar and Shell launch world’s first in-car payment system

Jaguar drivers can now use their car’s touchscreen to pay for fuel with a new onboard cashless payment app. Once installed, drivers can pull up at any Shell service station and select how much fuel they require and from which pump. After refuelling, the customer is charged via a cloud based system using Paypal or Apple Pay and an electronic receipt is displayed on screen, as well as being sent by email. The app is available to download now.

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VIDEO: BMW Group reveals futuristic MINI Vision concept

The BMW group has revealed a new ‘MINI Vision Next 100’ concept as part of its centenary celebrations. The Vision concept looks to a future where fully automated car-sharing will be available 24/7. Wrapped in a silver skin, like a blank canvas, the car displays different colour as well as personalised messages. On the inside, a new ‘Cooperizer’ centrally-positioned dial acts like the car’a brain, controlling personalised settings for each driver, and features an ‘Inspire Me’ button which checks downloaded user data for a perfectly personalised driving experience.

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VIDEO: Infiniti Concept Vision GT debuts in UK

The Infiniti Concept Vision GT made its first-ever appearance outside of China, at London’s Copper Box Arena. Its UK debut came at the launch of the new Sony Playstation 4 game - GT Sport - in which the car will star alongside other manufacturers supercar concepts. The design project went much further than hand sketching and digital refinement, to include thorough calculations of technical features such as aerodynamics and engine performance. GT Sport for the PS4 is released in November.

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VIDEO: Lamborghini launches Track and Play App

Lamborghini Aventador and Huracán owners can analyse their performance at track days thanks to a new smartphone App. Track and Play is an iOS App that ‘talks’ to the cars control unit using GPS and WiFi. With 56 preloaded tracks, or any created by the driver, Lamborghini says the App can collect and analyse all the telemetric data - recording sector and lap times, all synchronised with on board video footage.. It can’t stop you losing it through the chicane though.

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VIDEO: British-built cars line-up for Frankfurt send-off

Senior UK car industry executives teamed up with Business Secretary Sajid Javid to give British-built cars a unique send-off to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The event coincided with news that total investment in the UK's automotive sector this year, has topped £2 billion, with more than 4,500 new jobs created. Among the 10 cars flying the British flag, the brand new Rolls-Royce Dawn was seen in public for the first time ahead of its Frankfurt world premiere.

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VIDEO: Google self-driving car tested on the streets of California

Google has confirmed a select few of its prototype self-driving vehicles will leave the test track and hit the roads of California. Safety drivers will be on board despite Google running rigourous tests at its proving ground with each prototype’s speed capped at a neighbourhood-friendly 25mph. The next step aims to see how the community perceives and interacts with the vehicles, as well as testing how the self-driving car deals with unforeseen circumstances such as where to stop if there is a problem with its exact destination.

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VIDEO: BMW reveals plug-in hybrid X5

BMW has revealed a new plug-in hybrid version of the X5. The xDrive40e combines the versatility of the large SUV, with BMW's eDrive technology for greater efficiency. A 2.0-litre petrol engine is paired with an electric motor for a total system output of 313bhp. 0-62 takes 6.8 seconds and the top speed is limited to 130mph, while fuel economy is as high as 85.6 mpg and CO2 emissions are as low as 77 g/km. The plug-in hybrid BMW X5 is set to go on sale in the Autumn. Prices have yet to be announced.

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VIDEO: Rinspeed Budii concept set for Geneva

Rinspeed has revealed its latest autonomous car – the BMW i3-based Budii. The new concept features technology from the Swiss company’s 'idea factory' – including a robotic arm that literally hands over the steering wheel to the occupants when they fancy some fun at the wheel. Other quirky features include a function enabling the car to follow you when you go for a jog – and then you can switch on the taps to run a bath so it’s ready when you get home. The Rinspeed Budii will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3.

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VIDEO: Land Rover invents invisible car

Land Rover's 'Transparent Bonnet' technology is to offer drivers a digital vision of the road ahead making the front of the car appear invisible. Cameras located in the front grille capture data which is fed to the Head-Up Display, effectively creating a 'see-through' view of the terrain through the bonnet and engine bay. Drivers climbing steep inclines or manoeuvring in tight spaces will see an augmented reality view showing the angle and position of the front wheels. The new technology will be showcased on the Discovery Vision Concept at the New York Auto Show.