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Toyota revamps GT86

Toyota has confirmed further details of its facelifted GT86 sports car.

First seen at the New York Auto Show this year, the partial redesign is based on ‘race experience’ says Toyota, gained through participation in races such as the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. With a focus on improving aerodynamics both at the front as well as the rear of the car, a 'wing-type' rear spoiler has been added as standard on the GT Limited model, and contributes further to the aerodynamic and handling performance, as does the redesigned rear bumper which has been horizontally expanded to create a wide, ‘trapezoid stance’.

A lower nose with new ‘fins’ and new, horizontal grill-opening gives the GT86 a low, wide stance as well as further helping with aerodynamics. Bi-Beam LED headlamps come as standard on all models while LED front fog-lamps (standard on the GT Limited and GT models) have also been added.

The main changes for the GT86 for ‘superior driving enjoyment’ follow a variety of enhancements - including more linear torque from low engine speeds thanks to an improved intake and exhaust systems (manual transmission models). This results in maximum torque now generated at a wide range of engine speeds, while torque has also been improved at low rpms.

Toyota says ‘outstanding steering stability’ also comes thanks to the revisions with reworked shock absorber valve structures. Improved suspension and increased body rigidity due to an increase in the number of spot welding points on the rear pillars have resulted in 'excellent steering response and riding comfort' says Toyota.

Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, who is currently in charge of development on the 86, commented: "We overhauled everything - primarily as a result of technological feedback from the 86's participation in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring - and repeatedly tested the vehicle on roads all over the world as we manufactured every single part. The new 86 has been perfected to such an extent that, from the moment the steering wheel is gripped and the vehicle accelerates away, every driver will be able to recognise its evolution."

New 17-inch aluminium wheels are standard on the GT Limited and feature machine-cut highlights and gun-metallic paint and slender, twisted spokes.
On the inside, the GT86 features the smallest ever steering wheel found in a Toyota, with a diameter of 362 mm, and a cross-sectional shape for optimal grip, enhanced manoeuvrability and steering wheel comfort. A 4.2-inch TFT colour multi-information display displays a variety of real time information including G force, power/torque curves, and a stopwatch.

The revamped Toyota GT86 will launch in Japan on August 1, then towards the end of the year for UK buyers.