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Tesla opens 1,000th Destination Charger in Europe

In less than a year since Tesla first launched its European Destination Charging programme, more than 1,000 outlets have been opened.

With the Destination Charging programme, Tesla has teamed up with hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world, allowing owners time to ski or shop while their vehicles recharge at the rate of up to 60 miles of range per hour.

Tesla has focussed on expanding its Destination Network at popular destinations across Europe, with more and more chargers available at ski resorts and popular getaways. In the UK, more than 100 destination chargers can be found from Inverness to St Ives at shopping centres, resorts, Marinas, the Opera and a popular theme park.

While acknowledging that the most convenient way to recharge is still probably at home or at work, Tesla has created a worldwide network to help ease, if not completely eliminate, range anxiety. 

For long distance travel, Supercharger stations recharge vehicles in minutes rather than hours, while owners stop for a bite to eat or grab coffee. Tesla currently has over 270 such stations with 1800 individual Superchargers across Europe, covering all major motorway routes.
Tesla says its European network will continue grow at an exponential rate in the coming months, adding hundreds of charging sites throughout Europe.