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Daimler Shareholders in Berlin banger bust-up

Police had to be called to the Daimler Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Berlin after a Bratwurst-based fight broke out.

Overshadowing the highest dividend to-date in the history of Daimler AG, reports suggest a man was repeatedly returning for free sausage, wrapping it up and saving it for later. The Guardian reports a female shareholder ‘intervened to tick him off’ which resulted in a shouting match which needed the police to settle.

According to reports, the Saitenwürschtle thin sausage from Daimler’s home state of Baden-Württemberg was at the centre of the row, with the Guardian claiming Daimler served approx. 12,500 sausages to the 5,500 shareholders at the meeting for lunch, alongside bread rolls, wraps, potato soup and potato salad, followed by cake in the afternoon.

The buffet was apparently near the area where the carmaker showcased its latest models, however rumours of Bratwurst up exhaust pipes were unfounded.