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Mercedes revives flagship Cabriolet

Mercedes is following in the tradition of the open-top S-Class from the period of 1961 to 1971 by reviving its S-Class Cabriolet.

The new Cabriolet features an exclusive design, fine materials with 'maximum high-class appeal' in the interior, and state-of-the-art technology.

Mercedes aims to build the most 'comfortable cabriolet in the world' - for example, when it comes to climate comfort the new model includes enhanced automatic wind protection system AIRCAP, the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system, heated armrests, heating seats front and rear and an intelligent fully automatic climate control.

The new S-Class Cabriolet is carrying the long tradition of Mercedes luxury-segment open top models from as far back as the 1920s, the luxury cabriolets from Stuttgart combined the freedom of open-top motoring with the comfort and safety of a Mercedes-Benz Saloon.

After the "Ponton" cabriolets 220 S (W 180) and 220 SE (W 128) built from 1956 to 1960, in 1961 the 220 SE Cabriolet of the model series W 111 was launched, an open-top four-seater. For the time being there was no open-top luxury-segment car in the Mercedes-Benz model range to follow this generation.

"After 44 years we can again offer friends of our company an open variant of the S?Class. The new S-Class Cabriolet symbolises our passion for individual and timelessly exclusive mobility, which we share with our customers," remarks Ola Kallenius, Board Member of Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales.