Citroen C4 (2004-2010)

Some car makers are just rediscovering interesting car design, but Citroen started a while ago - its C4 is the proof. Always strong on value, with low prices and lots of kit as standard, the original C4 came practical five-door or stylish three-door coupé forms. With a raft of engines and trim levels, there's something for everyone, but reliability can be an issue.

Key Dates

10/04: The Citroën C4 arrives in five-door hatchback and three-door coupé forms, with 1.4 or 1.6 petrol engines, or 1.6 or 2.0HDi (turbodiesel) powerplants. The smaller diesel engine comes in 90bhp or 110bhp guises.

7/06: The Cool special edition debuts, and the 1.6 HDi is now available with a semi-auto gearbox.

1/07: The By Loeb special appears, with 1.6 or 1.8 petrol engines.

3/08: The Cachet limited edition debuts.

9/08: A facelift brings a revised nose and tail, extra standard equipment, fresh colours and wheel designs plus two new 1.6 petrol engines; 120bhp and 150bhp turbocharged units.

1/09: The Airdream+ limited edition arrives.

3/09: Another By Loeb special arrives, with 1.6 petrol or diesel power.

Citroen C4 (2004-2010) Checklist

  • Wiper blades come adrift, then scratch the windscreen.
  • The electrics and electronics play up, especially the dash displays, radio and electric windows.
  • Look for loose or broken interior trim. Glove box lids fail too.
  • Air-con compressor drive belts fail.
  • Dual-mass flywheels eventually fail; cars used in the city suffer most.
  • The rear shock absorbers can prove short-lived.
  • The paint can peel off the rear spoiler.
  • Water gets into the front and rear lights.

We Like

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Refinement
  • Standard kit
  • Affordability

We Don't Like

  • Iffy build quality
  • Numb steering
  • Uncertain reliability