Rover City Rover (2003-2005)

Anybody who bought a City Rover new needed their head looking at - this was a poorly built city car with an inflated price tag. However, now the market has done its worst and decimated values, you can pick a City Rover up for virtually nothing. And let's face it, that's all these cars are worth. It's not all bad though, because many City Rovers came with a fair bit of kit, even if you have to go for a range-topper before the passenger gets an airbag.

Key Dates

10/03: The City Rover is introduced, with an 83bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine only. There's a choice of Solo, Select, Sprite or Style trim levels.

Rover City Rover (2003-2005) Checklist

  • Rear door seals can leak, letting water into the cabin.
  • The engine can leak oil, as can the transmission.
  • The interior trim is poorly put together, so expect squeaks, creaks and rattles.
  • The door locks can fail, especially those in the rear doors as well as the tailgate.
  • Air conditioning units pack up when the compressor or its control unit fails; it can be fixed cheaply though if you can find the right specialist.
  • Fuel consumption can be poor - some owners are getting little more than 30mpg.

We Like

  • Cheap
  • Nippy
  • Spacious

We Don't Like

  • Harsh ride
  • Poor refinement
  • Poor build quality
  • Lack of safety kit
  • Awkward driving position