Chrysler Crossfire (2003-2008)

The first fruit of Chrylser's ill-fated merger with Mercedes-Benz, the Crossfire was based on the first-generation SLK, which was nice. Not so nice though was what Chrysler's engineers did with the chassis, which was to give the car an unbearably crashy ride. However, the looks are distinctive, it's cracking value and there's also a convertible edition available which works very well. It's generally solidly built too, and the handling isn't at all bad, so despite what you may have read when the Crossfire was new, as a used buy it's a cracker.

Key Dates

7/03: The Crossfire goes on sale in coupé form only. All cars have a 215bhp 3.2-litre V6 petrol engine and a six-speed manual gearbox as standard; a five-speed auto is optionally available.

5/04: A convertible edition is introduced, which is mechanically the same as the coupé.

2/05: There's now a supercharged Crossfire available, carrying SRT-6 badges and packing 330bhp. Both convertible and coupé editions are offered.

Chrysler Crossfire (2003-2008) Checklist

  • The 18-inch alloys are kerbed very easily and expensive to replace; check they're not wrecked.
  • Electrical gremlins can strike, so check the lighting works as it should along with the electric windows.
  • The standard stereo is poor, but it can also prove temperamental. Make sure it works properly.
  • Convertible roofs are very costly to replace, so look for evidence of vandals having struck.

We Like

  • Value
  • Smooth V6
  • Distinctive design
  • Cheap servicing
  • Handling
  • Reliability

We Don't Like

  • Firm ride
  • Thirsty 3.2 V6
  • Low-rent interior