All-new Peugeot 3008 – Launch Report

Peugeot's brand new 3008 has gone from an MPV-cum-SUV design to a full-blooded  SUV with a crisp, new look. Tim Barnes-Clay was among the first behind the wheel at the launch in Bologna, Italy.

I’m a Peugeot owner, so I’ll try to be as objective as possible here. The only family car my wife and I run is the French manufacturer’s 5008. We didn’t buy the seven-seater for its stunning looks or its awesome performance – it was purchased because we have three kids – and it’s the perfect tool for our needs.

The all-new Peugeot 3008, like any other car, is a tool, too. But, superseding the previous 3008 crossover, this sport utility vehicle has genuine desirability appeal and turned Emilia-Romagna heads during my drive around beautiful Bologna. I have no reason to doubt that, we British, will also give it more than a fleeting look when it comes to our Peugeot showrooms in February next year.

Now, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but you’d have to have sincerely skew-whiff taste if you don't think the new 3008 is a looker. The raised ride height, and assertive grille design serve to give it a modish appearance, with the only design weakness being the petite rear indicators which could have been made more prominent within the otherwise smart taillight clusters.

The 3008 has a cabin that is on a level pegging with premium executive motors and comes stuffed with lots of technology and first rate materials, which adds to that superior car feel. The minute steering wheel, and Peugeot’s cutting-edge i-Cockpit display, which incorporates a 12.3-inch screen behind the wheel, look great. The system means you can vary the organisation of the dials, decide what is displayed and have sat-nav instructions within the driver’s instrument binnacle.

Needless to say, a car can look terrific and have all the kit in the world crammed into it – but what’s the point if it doesn’t drive decently? Well, with this Peugeot, there are no fears to be had in this area, either. We got to drive an automatic, diesel-powered 1.6-litre BlueHDi 120PS model – forecast to be the most popular seller in Britain. Peugeot doesn’t need the power of foresight to calculate this. An average fuel consumption of 64.2mpg and CO2 emissions of 114g/km result in low running costs, combined with robust performance.

Behind the 3008's weeny wheel, the Peugeot feels lively and the steering’s weighting is bang on. The vehicle holds on to the asphalt as tightly as a leech does to flesh – and mid-range torque is exceptionally good, so you can step up the pace easily. The Efficient Automatic Transmission is a slick shifting, six-speed unit, and this helps the car deliver a quiet ride, while tyre rumble and wind whine is kept out of the interior, too. All this just adds to the new Peugeot SUV’s sense of finesse.

The all-new 3008 offers an unruffled ride with seats that support all occupants well. The suspension sponged-up some nasty potholes on our northern Italian test route without protesting. Body roll is kept in check well so this is not a car that leans significantly around corners. SUVs aren’t always so unflustered on bendy bits of blacktop so Peugeot deserves a thumbs up for this.

Rear room is commendable. You’ll get two six-footers in the back easily – or three kids on booster seats. Legroom and headroom is good in the front, too. And the considerable 520-litre boot will accept, say, two buggies, as well as the weekly supermarket shop.

We’re enthusiastic about the new Peugeot 3008. It’s a handsome family car that drives nicely and delivers a relaxed ride for all. What's more, it’s efficient and down-to-earth – and, from an emotional perspective, you’ll be happy to see it parked on your drive. The basic price for the all-new car will be £21,795, but you’ll pay in the vicinity of £25,000 for the 1.6-litre BlueHDi we tested. All things considered, there’s no reason why the Peugeot 3008 SUV shouldn’t be a popular seller in the UK.

Pros ‘n’ Cons

Stylish Looks √
Ride Comfort √
Equipment √
Boot Room √
Rear Indicators X

Fast Facts

Max speed: 115 mph
0-62 mph: 11.6 secs
Combined mpg: 67.3
Engine layout: 1560cc 4-cylinder turbo diesel
Max. power (PS): 120
CO2: 108 g/km
Price: £25,000 (Approx.)