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Zenos E10 S gets power upgrade

Zenos has released an 'upgrade kit' for the E10 S - which takes power output up to 280 bhp.

Described as a ‘significant increase’ over the standard model’s 250 bhp, the kit also raises the peak torque figure to 420 Nm – an increase of 20 Nm – which is delivered over a wide range of engine speeds.

The E10 upgrade kit includes a new air intake, modified intercooler and revised ECU settings for the 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Peak power is now produced at 6,500 rpm – 500 rpm earlier than peak power arrives in the standard E10 S. Performance figures are yet to be released, but the acceleration time and top speed (0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds and 145 mph respectively) of the E10 S are expected to be eclipsed by cars fitted with the upgrade kit.

Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Zenos Cars, said: “Since its launch in January 2015, the E10 S has firmly established itself as Zenos’s most popular model. In response to requests from customers, we’ve developed this upgrade kit to give them more of what makes the E10 S great to drive. We’ve already demonstrated that the innovative hybrid chassis of the E10 series is able to comfortably accommodate the extra power and torque, so the heightened performance is still matched to exceptional balance and poise.”

Costing £1,995 (including VAT, exclusive of fitting), the new upgrade kit is available in all markets, and fitment can be carried out in one day by a sales or service agent, or at the Zenos factory. The kit can be fitted to new or pre-owned examples of the Zenos E10 S, and has no effect on existing warranties. In the case of cars where the warranty has expired, the upgrade kit components will be covered by a one-year warranty.

The Zenos E10 range starts at £26,995, with the turbocharged E10 S priced at £32,995 and the E10 R available from £39,995.