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Volkswagen teams up with Zipcar for London launch of Golf GTE

Volkswagen is joining forces with the world’s largest car-sharing network, Zipcar, to launch the ultra-low emission Golf GTE in the UK’s capital city.

VW says that ‘Zipwagen’ is a clear demonstration of how it is not only offering cutting-edge technology in its cars, but also in the ways in which those cars are used by new types of customers. 

In future, increasing numbers of inner city residents will choose to use cars only when required and most suitable to their needs, making car sharing schemes attractive.  And with air quality a long-standing and still growing focus, ultra-low emission vehicles like the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid could be the ideal choice.
With 40 cars located in the London Borough of Westminster and a further 10 cars throughout the capital Zipwagen is a partnership which will see a total of 50 Golf GTEs, with dedicated charging stations, made available to Zipcar members, with prices starting from £7 per hour.

The Golf GTE, powered by a combination of petrol engine and electric motor, returns up to 166 mpg with CO2 emissions measured at 39 g/km. When fully charged in all-electric mode, it has an electric range of up to 31 miles (NEDC) and when electric and petrol combine, the total range goes up to as much as 580 miles.  

Its lithium-ion battery can be charged in two ways: either when plugged into a charging station or, if necessary, while being driven on the road.  From zero to full charge takes 2 hours 20 minutes at one of the dedicated Zipcar charging points.

Welcoming the launch of the Zipwagen initiative Rod McLeod, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen UK, said: “Volkswagen is once again demonstrating its forward thinking with this exciting new Zipwagen initiative.  We are already leading the way in terms of product technology and the new car buying experience – from clicks right through to collection – but this partnership with Zipcar shows that we are also providing attractive solutions to increasing numbers of inner-city residents who want to use cars on demand in preference to actually owning one.”

Mark Walker, Zipcar UK General Manager, said: “The Volkswagen Golf GTE is ideal for Zipcar members and ideal for London.  Volkswagen’s innovative plug-in hybrid technology means the best of both worlds: zero emission driving in the city, combined with total flexibility for driving long distances.”