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Volkswagen begins first ‘diesel-gate’ recall

Volkswagen has begun the technical modification of vehicles affected with engine type EA 189 following the recent diesel emissions scandal.

The first model that customers will be able to make a service appointment for is the Golf TDI Blue Motion Technology (BMT) with a 2.0l engine. This follows the approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) of the software solution for the affected Golf 2.0l TDI BMT.

In Europe, around 15,000 Golf models with a manual gearbox are being called to the workshops. VW says vehicles concerned will be staggered in several groups to ensure efficient implementation of the modifications. Following examination and confirmation by the KBA, all customers affected have already received a first letter informing them about the recall measures.

Volkswagen says its aim, in close coordination with the Federal Motor Transport Authority, is a technical solution that does not result in any changes to the fuel consumption levels, performance data or noise emissions of the vehicles concerned. For the Golf 2.0l TDI BMT the KBA has confirmed that this objective has been achieved in full.

Customers will not incur any costs as a result of these technical measures and as part of the recall process, all customers will be offered appropriate replacement mobility options free of charge. VW is keen to stress the vehicles affected are technically safe and roadworthy.

Customers can arrange workshop appointments at short notice, with further Volkswagen models to follow shortly in the recall process.