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VIP’s attend Ferrari 488 Spider London launch

Ferrari launched its new 488 Spider at a star-studded even in London last night.

VIP's including Jamie Campbell Bower, Lucy Watson, Becky Tong and Oliver Proudlock witnessed the unveiling of the 488 Spider during an exclusive event on London's Regent Street. The car was unveiled by Marc Gene, Scuderia Ferrari F1 test driver and the event was hosted by BBC F1’s Correspondent Tom Clarkson.

The 488 Spider is the latest chapter in open-top Ferrari V8 sports cars. Starting with the RHT (Retractable Hard Top), around which the entire car was developed, every area of the 488 Spider has been designed to set ‘new technological benchmarks for the sector’. The result, says Ferrari, is the most powerful and innovative Spider ever built.

In attendance at the launch were guests from the fashion, arts and creative communities as well as those with a passion for the Italian brand and Ferrari clients. Upon entering the venue, guests were able to get up close and personal with the 488 Spider, positioned centre stage on the ground floor.

As they made their way up the glass staircase at the Watches of Switzerland venue, guests were able to experience the Ferrari ‘Tailor-Made’ service as well as look down on the convertible fezza from up high.

Prices for the Ferrari 488 Spider have yet to be announced.

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Lexus teams up with Jude Law

Lexus confirmed a creative collaboration with Hollywood actor Jude Law to launch The Life RX.

The advertising campaign aim to ‘amplify the qualities’ of the new Lexus RX SUV. Jude Law will work closely with Lexus ‘to enable consumers to immerse themselves and be immersed in The Life RX through interactive videography and theatre’. He will also star in a television commercial filmed on the French Riviera and in the hills of Italy’s Fiuggi region.

The ad, which airs from today throughout Europe, depicts a hotel valet who is given the keys to Jude Law’s sharply styled RX and takes the car on an extraordinary and fast-paced journey. Filmed from a first-person perspective, it aims to catapult the audience into an exciting and luxurious new world. When the wayward valet returns, Law emerges to retrieve the keys and get into his Lexus. He immediately senses something is not quite right and, with a knowing look, drives off into the distance, leaving the valet behind with the memory of having experienced The Life RX for just a short while.

Jude Law said: “I love driving and the escapism that comes with it. The concept of The Life RX is such an interesting one, as it’s true that the right car can give you the keys to an extraordinary experience. The team at Lexus envisioned bringing something to life that was immersive and included everyone on the journey, and this was something I was keen to explore.”

Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe, said: “We are extremely excited to be partnering with Jude Law, a fantastic actor and a true gentleman, for The Life RX campaign. The Life RX mirrors the fact that the RX brings a different, rewarding product experience based on a bold design, innovative technologies and, above all, a premium, luxury feel. At Lexus, providing an unparalleled progressive luxury experience is at the heart of our brand and we wanted to bring this message to life with an innovative launch campaign and television ad.”

Prices for the Lexus RX start at £39,995 OTR.

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Vauxhall launches Backseat Bedtime Xmas stories

Vauxhall and Radio DJ Edith Bowman have launched ‘Backseat Bedtime’ to help with long car journeys over the festive period.

The series of narrated popular children’s stories by author Tracey Corderoy aim to ease car journeys for parents, with over 12 million cars on the road during peak Xmas times. More Brits embark on long drives over Christmas and the New Year than at any other time of the year according to an 2014 RAC survey.

Unsurprisingly, three quarters of parents say they find these long car journeys stressful, with the majority (80 per cent) saying they find it hard to keep their little ones amused. To deal with this stress, half of parents (48 per cent) time long journeys to coincide with bedtime and over half (56 per cent) put their children in their pyjamas before setting off, hoping they will sleep straight through.

Narrated by mum of two, Bowman, the content, which can be streamed as audio or video content through Vauxhall’s in-car system OnStar, has been created to showcase the new levels of connectivity available across the Vauxhall range but also aims to minimise stress over the busy Christmas period.

The three stories – Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: The Cat Burglar and Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble – from author Tracey Corderoy and independent publishers Nosy Crow, were chosen for their popularity, and follow the exploits of two robber dogs who turn good, and a very peculiar granny.

Edith Bowman said: “Reading or listening to stories has always been something I've done with my kids from a very early age, both at home or on our travels. It's one of my favourite things to do as a parent, so being a bedtime storyteller was a dream for me. The idea is brilliant, using that time when kids are stuck in the car to entertain them, help them get some rest and give parents some peace!”

Sara Nicholson, OnStar Program Lead for Europe commented, “Vauxhall OnStar is a personal on-board assistant available across our vehicle range. It offers Wi-Fi capability for up to seven devices, vehicle data visible on your phone, stolen vehicle assistance, automatic crash response and much more.  Technology needs to enhance our customers everyday lives and for us at Vauxhall, the little things like quiet, hassle-free car journeys with young children are worth every penny.”

The backseat bedtime stories are available to view through the Vauxhall website: www.vauxhall.co.uk/backseatbedtime