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Spanish exotica set for Salon Prive

Two exotic Spanish hypercars are to make their debuts at this year's Salon Prive (3-5 September) at its new home of Blenheim Palace.

Bespoke car manufacturer Tramontana will launch its hypercar, Tramontana R. A choice of two engines - a V12 Twin Turbo or a V10 - provide two performance options, and each car is an individually commissioned to a client's requirements. The Tramontana incorporates the latest motorsport derived technology available and is hand built by craftsmen to an exacting standard.

Founded in 1994, Spanish firm Spania GTA gained a wealth of experience in motorsport before manufacturing the GTA Spano. With its own new V10 twin Turbo engine, producing 925hp and 1220Nm torque, it accelerates from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of over 230mph.

With a limited production of 99 vehicles, it features a newly-designed sequential seven-speed gearbox and Spania GTA has developed a new carbon monocoque chassis. Unique among super-sportcar manufacturers, it employs materials such as titanium, graphene, and Kevlar for exceptional rigidity and lightness.

Salon Prive managing director Andrew Bagley commented: "We're incredibly excited to host these Spanish hypercars at this year's event, which will inevitably draw plenty of attention from visitors. The fact that Tramontana and Spania GTA have chosen Salon Prive to showcase their models is testament to the influence of Salon Prive as a leading luxury and automotive event."