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Rear-wheel drive only for new Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

One of the star attractions of the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show is Lamborghini’s brand new Huracán Spyder.

Chief Executive Officer Stefano Domenicali explained the new Huracán Spyder “offers the lifestyle appeal of open-air motoring with the pure thrill of rear-wheel drive engineering.”

Featuring a newly designed front and rear end - with a ‘dynamic but more aggressive’ look. This includes large front air intakes that direct cooling air, while two fins run from the seatbacks and continue the roof line to the rear, optimising airflow through the engine compartment, which is covered by a slatted engine bonnet specific to the Spyder. These front and rear revisions help distinguish it from the four-wheel drive version.

The naturally aspirated V10 5.2-litre engine sends 580 hp to the rear axle, with its dry weight of just 1,509 kg providing a weight-to-power ratio of 2.6 kg/hp. Acceleration from 0-62mph is achieved in 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 198mph.

Distinguishing the convertible from its coupe sibling through a unique profile, with roof both up and down - the soft top opens and closes in 17 seconds at speeds of up to 31mph, with the lightweight soft top is 'efficiently stowed' to maintain the Spyder’s ‘perfect’ centre of gravity and highlight the dynamic design of the open car.

Running on 19” Kari rims, specially contoured steel brakes are fitted beneath with aluminium brake disc pots assist in weight reduction and improved cooling.

The Huracán has an ‘exceptionally stiff hybrid aluminium and carbon fibre chassis’ says Lamborghini, which is complemented by springs and anti-roll bars on double wishbone suspension, optimised for two-wheel drive. The power management system of the rear-wheel drive includes a specific steering set-up and recalibrated stability and traction controls, connecting the driver as directly as possible with the road. Weight distribution is biased 40% at the front, 60% at the rear, reducing inertia on the front axle compared to the Huracán 4WD version.

The Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) seven-speed dual clutch architecture ensures the fastest gear changes and includes ‘launch control’ for maximum acceleration from a standing start. The electronic power steering and optional Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) are tuned specifically for the rear-wheel drive Spyder, ensuring maximum agility and control in every driving condition, depending on driving mode and speed.

Inside, the cockpit features the latest Lamborghini Infotainment System II with a 12.3” hi-res TFT instrument panel.

As in all Huracán models, cylinder deactivation improves engine efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and reduces CO2. When full engine capacity is not required, five of the ten cylinders are temporarily deactivated by switching off one cylinder bank. When the driver accelerates, the system switches back instantaneously to ten-cylinder mode.

The new rear-wheel drive Spyder will be available in markets worldwide from January 2017, priced between the two and four-wheel drive coupe models, completing the Huracán range.