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Rinspeed Oasis city car concept set for CES 2017

Swiss automotive think tank Rinspeed is to debut its Oasis compact urban electric vehicle concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Described as ‘a bold statement against the notion of a city jungle requiring multi-ton SUVs for survival’, the self-driving, two-seat runabout features large glazed areas and front wheel spats.

The Oasis interior, says Rinspeed, offers the ambience of a modern-day family room with an armchair, sideboard, TV, and a multifunctional steering wheel, while the windscreen also doubles as a display for virtual as well as augmented reality. 

The car has been designed to be versatile in accommodating a variety of uses. It can be a commuting or shopping car in the morning, a ‘micro delivery vehicle’ for urban parcel services in the afternoon, and even become a pizza taxi on the evening drive home. This is made possible by a code-protected ‘drawer’ in the rear, which can be cooled or heated as needed.

Rinspeed Founder and CEO, Frank Rinderknecht, expanded on the Oasis theme, by integrating a small green space for growing flowers or radishes below the windscreen – ideal for urban gardeners on the go! 

CES 2017 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada from 5-8 January.