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Renault launches ‘Eco Tour di Sicilia’

Renault has teamed up with ‘Sicily by Car’, a car rental company in Italy, and Enel - the country’s largest energy supplier - to roll out the Eco Tour di Sicilia.

This initiative from Sicily by Car will make it possible to tour the whole of island exclusively by electric car after rolling out a fleet of 200 Renault ZOEs. The Eco Tour di Sicilia aims to overcome the obstacles that hamper green mobility in Sicily, such as limited vehicle range or a lack of charging stations.

The ZOE offers a NEDC range of 249 miles, equivalent to about 186 miles in real-world conditions, and the eco-tour project plans to deploy a network of charging stations on the island. Up to 400 Enel chargers are to be installed in the region’s principal cities and along tourist itineraries. The opportunity to take a long road trip while enjoying regular access to charging points will bring unexplored freedom of movement to all-electric travel in both urban and rural settings. Residents will also be able to use the public charging stations for their own electric vehicles.

“By supporting e-mobility, we are enhancing and protecting the extraordinary natural, artistic and cultural heritage of which the Sicily region is such an excellent example,” says Bernard Chrétien, CEO, Renault Italy.