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Put your summer tyres in a ‘hotel’ with Ford

Ford has offered to give your summer tyres a ‘hotel’ break this winter.

The new winter tyre scheme resolves the inconvenience of swapping and storing tyres. Ford’s tyre ‘hotel’ service will store customers’ summer tyres for up to six months for a price of around £22 per tyre. More than 150 Ford dealers are offering this service across the UK.

The offer stretches to all Ford cars from high performance models, such as the Ford Focus RS and Mustang, to SUVs including the Edge and Kuga. Driving on winter tyres provides added safety and peace of mind in wet, snowy and icy conditions. The construction and tread pattern of winter tyres is designed specifically to cope with extreme weather conditions.

A legal requirement in some European countries, winter tyres outperform summer tyres in temperatures below 7 degrees across all weather conditions says Ford. They reduce braking distances by up to 20 per cent, increase grip and ensure optimum vehicle performance.

Sarah Brettle, Ford of Britain aftersales marketing manager, said: “Ford is responding to the demands of customers, especially those driving high-performance or all-wheel drive cars interested in the reassurance of improved tyre grip during colder weather.”

See a list of participating 'tyre hotels' here