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New 1.5-litre engine for Toyota’s Yaris

Toyota is introducing a new 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine to the Yaris range, which promises stronger performance, improved emissions and fuel economy.

It replaces the current 1.33-litre unit, offering more torque and faster acceleration while at the same time achieving a reduction of up to 12 per cent in fuel consumption, under current NEDC official test criteria. Developed in anticipation of the future Euro 6c emissions standard and RDE (Real Driving Emission) homologation requirements, it is a member of Toyota’s ESTEC (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficiency) engine family.

The new unit is being manufactured by Toyota Motor Industries Poland as part of a €150 million production investment programme by Toyota Motor Europe.

Developing a maximum 110bhp/82kW and peak torque of 136Nm at 4,400rpm, when compared to the 1.33-litre unit, it's 0.8 seconds quicker in acceleration from 0 – 62mph (11.0 versus 11.8), while at overtaking speed the improvement is more than a second, moving from 50 to 75mph in 17.6 seconds compared to 18.8.

The engineers also focused on improving fuel consumption at sustained motorway cruising speeds, leading to the use – for the first time on a Toyota – of a water-cooled exhaust manifold. By limiting the gas temperature, this avoids the need for mixture enrichment to reduce combustion temperature at any motorway driving speed. As a result, both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are reduced.

In common with other Toyota ESTEC engines, the 1.5-litre unit also benefits from the latest measures designed to reduce friction losses.