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Mercedes reveals new Garia Golf buggy

Mercedes has unveiled a Style Edition Garia Golf Car.

Described as a premium-class golf cart, the showcar is the result of a co-operation between Mercedes-Benz designers, Daimler's Think & Act Tank Business Innovation and golf cart manufacturer Garia.

The Garia Golf Car debuted at The Open in Scotland on the 12th of July, and could become a new product in the Mercedes-Benz Style collection. The electric buggy features a carbon-fibre roof, curved windscreen and leather interior as well as glass and bottle holders. There is a refrigerator under the bench seat, and a storage tray under the dashboard that holds golf balls aligned in a row.

A 10.1 inch touch screen with a on-board computer shows all the essential course details such as distance to the current hole, the weather forecast, speed and battery level and can stream sounds and phone calls via Bluetooth. Many functions can be controlled at the touch of a finger, including the driving mode 'sport' or 'eco', the LED headlamps, windscreen heater, wipers etc. On the large screen just beneath this, the occupants can display the layout of the golf course and their current position, or if desired activate an electronic score card.

Up front, a grille with an air intake slot reinforces the ‘intentional allusion to an automobile’. It creates associations with familiar Mercedes-Benz radiator grille designs, and its golf ball structure makes the vehicle's purpose clear. The front section ends in an underbody protection panel, while the buggy runs on 5-spoke wheels with high-sheen twin flanges and black-painted surfaces between them - inspired by Mercedes passenger cars - as are the front disc brakes.

With an electric range of up to 50 miles, the Golf Car has unique features that mean approval for on-road use is possible (in the USA). To this end, it is equipped with all the necessary features such as direction indicators, headlamps and rear lights.

A double wishbone suspension typical of sports cars ensures comfortable driving characteristics and 'light, precise handling on all surfaces'. The electric motor has an output of three kilowatts, but can also make up to eleven kilowatts available for short periods. This is enough to provide the 440kg vehicle sporty acceleration, with a governed top speed of 19 mph. The charging time for the lithium-ion battery is six hours.

Garia is initially building two driveable examples of the showcar. The reactions of the market and potential customers will be incorporated into any series production. Sold only via digital channels Susanne Hahn, head of Daimler Business Innovation said: "The vehicle can be experienced absolutely virtually. This means that wherever customers are in a dealership or on a golf course they can look at the vehicle on a tablet and order it with three clicks."