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Lucid reveals all-new Air saloon

New US car company Lucid Motors has unveiled its first model, an all-electric sports saloon called Lucid Air.

Performance figures for the new electric Air have also been confirmed, which has up to 1,000 HP, enabling a 0-60mph time of just 2.5 seconds. Both the motor and transmission have been designed and developed in-house, resulting in a ‘smaller, more efficient and more power-dense’ powertrain than its competitors, says Lucid.

The US company also says nearly ten years of battery pack development have led to ‘best-in-class energy density’, with a battery that is capable of up to 400 miles of range. While many batteries age prematurely if fast-charged regularly, Lucid is confident you can fast charge its battery 'at will without worries'.

On the inside, the 29 speaker audio system with active noise cancellation adds to ‘enhanced cabin isolation’ and creates a uniquely tuned acoustic experience when seated either upfront or in the luxurious rear executive seats with up to 55 degrees of recline. This luxury option offers ‘first-class aircraft seating’ in the back of your car.

Lucid says its vehicles will be delivered ‘autonomous-ready’ with a comprehensive sensor suite able to scale to complete autonomy through ongoing software upgrades. Further tech includes a Lucid mobile app which ensures the Air is ready to carry out your request, whether inside the car or across town.

Production commences in late 2018 with deliveries beginning soon after. Lucid says ‘well optioned’ models will cost over $100,000 (Approx. £80K) and future models will be available from about $65,000 mark (Approx. £52K).