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First complete Jannarelly Design-1 presented in Dubai

The first Jannarelly Design-1 has been revealed.

Initially seen as a CGI design concept, Jannarelly Automotive has now made the Design-1 a reality. Described as a retro-futuristic roadster, the first prototype was officially introduced to a private audience at Tomini Classics in Dubai.

Light and powerful with a ‘60s throwback feel, The Jannarelly Design-1 is a sports car paying tribute to the golden age of cars. A track ready, lightweight, 2-seater, the car features a mix of 'vintage lines, simple mechanics and modern materials'.

The rear-wheel drive roadster is powered by a naturally aspirated 304bhp V6 engine, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and runs on 3-pieces lightweight alloy wheels. 0-62mph is estimated to take 4 seconds flat, while top speed is approx. 135mph.

The car was then given a public debut in the sunshine at Le Trésor Classic Car Café, Dubai where true car lovers from Dubai meet early in the morning. The first to order the Design-1 were also there to meet and discuss with the crowd.

For the past few months the company has concentrated on establishing its network in Europe settling on lightweight sports cars specialist Marcassus Sport, based in Toulouse, France.

Jannarelly is currently setting up its North American network. “We are extremely happy to receive so many requests from the USA and Canada, up to now we have received around 80 potential orders and we would like to inform everyone that Jannarelly is working hard to get the Design-1 to America. We are talking with several importers and we are still open to new ones.” said co-owner Anthony Jannarelly .

Over the next few months the ew company will be refining and testing the prototype. Production is due to start during Summer, with 20 orders already confirmed. A special launching edition options will include a Carbon fibre aerokit, rear polycarbonate spoiler, a Chrome accessories Package as well as a Leather Package.

Launch price is expected around the $55,000 mark (approx. £38k) ex-tax, with first deliveries later this summer.

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