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Global debut for Qoros Super EV in Shanghai

China-based car manufacturer Qoros, has unveiled its all-new Model K-EV at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.

Making its global debut in Shanghai, the high-performance EV concept’s advanced electric drive-line technology is said to deliver acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 2.6 seconds along with a driving range of over 500km.

An engineering test version of the K-EV is set to appear at the forthcoming Guangzhou Auto Show in November and Qoros says it plans to bring a production model to market in 2019.

The Model K-EV was created by Qoros’ international design and engineering team to offer customers ‘premium driving and riding experiences and a taste of future mobility’. A stand-out feature is a revolutionary asymmetric door system with includes a large gull-wing door on the driver's side which opens automatically when activated. This contrasts with the front passenger's door which features a two-hinged system that either opens outward as a conventional door or slides horizontally alongside if needed. The door on the rear passenger side is of the sliding variety to maximise ease of ingress and egress.

The car's interior has been designed to create two distinct cabin spaces in the front and rear, and is made primarily from carbon fibre, adopting what Qoros refers to as ”Clever Carbon Cabin" (CCC) technology.

The use of carbon fibre contributes greatly to weight reduction of the body of the car to achieve better energy efficiency and help reduce "range anxiety". The CCC technology also maintains vehicle body strength and durability while allowing significant design freedom for designers and engineers.

In late 2017, Qoros will launch an all-new compact SUV targeting younger consumers, fulfilling its promise to introduce more world-class products with premium experiences to the customers.