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Ferrari unveils the 812 Superfast in Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show has seen the covers come off the most powerful production Ferrari ever – the 812 Superfast.

Research and development drew upon Ferrari’s track-derived engineering know-how with the goal of producing a model designed to offer both benchmark performance and the most rewarding driving experience possible – whilst still ensuring a comfortable ‘Grand Tourer’ ride for longer trips.

The obsessive pursuit of the most seamless melding possible of state-of-the-art running gear with a harmonious yet edgy design from the ever-inventive Ferrari Styling Centre, has produced a near-perfect aerodynamic package.

Ferrari claims that the 812 Superfast’s design – created in-house by the Ferrari Styling Centre –has produced a near-perfect aerodynamic package.

Power comes from a 12-cylinder engine – increased from 6.2- to 6.5-litres and boosted by 60 PS compared to the F12berlinetta, so that it pumps out a hefty 800 PS, making the 812 Superfast the most powerful and fastest road-going Ferrari ever built (with the exception of the mid-rear-engined, special limited-series 12-cylinder models). The 0-62mph sprint is despatched in under 3 seconds and top speed is over 211mph.

To make full use of that power and to guarantee perfect weight distribution, says Ferrari, the car uses a transaxle layout that couples a front-mounted engine with a rear-mounted transmission. Equipped with the latest vehicle dynamics control systems, the 812 Superfast is also the first Ferrari to sport EPS (Electric Power Steering).

Ferrari says the 812 Superfast is aimed at clients who want a blisteringly high-performance car, but refuse to compromise on the kind of versatility that will allow them to thoroughly appreciate driving it as a 360-degree experience.