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Ferrari to build 500th LaFerrari for Italian earthquake victims

Ferrari has confirmed the production of one extra LaFerrari model to help raise funds for the victims of the Italian earthquake in Amatrice. 

The Italian sports car manufacturers only ever planned to make 499 models of the highly sought after supercar, with production ceasing in 2015. However chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that one additional LaFerrari will be made and auctioned off to benefit the people of central Italy affected by the earthquake of the 24th of August.

With prices for used LaFerrari’s already more than the original list price, demand for the one-off model is sure to generate plenty of funds for those devastated by the recent quake. 

The 500th LaFerrari in this limited edition series - the first hybrid supercar by the Prancing Horse - will be sold at auction with details where and when yet to be finalised.