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FairFuelUK campaigns for independent Pump-Watch

With fuel prices at their highest levels for 18 months, FairFuelUK is calling for an independent Pump-Watch to explain sizeable price variations across the UK.

Currently how much we pay to fill up our cars, vans and trucks isn’t regulated with no government watchdog or independent pricing body. With unexplained cost variations across the UK from 110p to 136p for unleaded, and from 112p to 138p for diesel, FairFuelUK campaigners say that drivers have no choice but to pay through the nose, particularly in rural areas where there is little competition from supermarkets.

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: “Government tells us - a competitive market is the best way to keep prices low; a new regulator is not necessary - Well if this is the case how can 26p per litre variations in fuel prices at the pumps across the UK be fair. The Treasury, not only continues to see drivers as easy cash cows, they also remain out of touch with millions of hard working families and small businesses who see in reality how oil companies and the fuel supply chain fleece them at the pumps, every day of the week.”

FairFuelUK, along with Charlie Elphicke MP for Dover, is calling for an independent Pump-Watch body to ensure everybody understands how road fuels are priced and UK’s 37 million drivers get the fairest and most transparent deal possible.

You can support the FairFuelUK campaign by petitioning for the setting up of an Independent Pump-Watch body here