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'Factory condition' McLaren F1 supercar up for grabs

McLaren is to sell its F1 chassis #069 – one of the very last produced – with less than 2,800 miles covered from new.

With only 64 roadcar examples built between 1993 and 1998, the original McLaren F1 is one of the rarest and highly-regarded models among collectors, enthusiasts and petrolheads. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) continues to maintain and manage F1s globally, and it's this department that is offering one of the last ever and finest examples of this model for sale. McLaren F1 chassis #069 is in factory condition, having covered less than 2,800 miles since new.

During 1998, only six examples of the original McLaren F1 were completed, and chassis #069 was the 60th model overall to be hand-built in Woking. It is presented in Carbon Black complimented by subtle detailing throughout, including a stealth finish to the 17-inch centre-locking magnesium wheels. The central driving seat is finished in black and contrasting red leather, with the dual passenger seats upholstered in Alcantara.

Maintained and presented by the MSO Heritage division, the F1 chassis #069 is UK registered with all UK taxes paid and offered for sale exclusively through McLaren, with fitted luggage, complete Facom titanium lightweight tool kit and Facom tool box, all books and literature, including the correct numbered LM Edition of the ’Driving Ambition’ McLaren F1 book and limited edition McLaren F1 owner’s watch.

Designed by Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens, the McLaren F1 was developed and designed with a no compromise approach, Formula 1 expertise and technology, and the most driver-focused driving experience at its core. The F1 was the first road car to feature a full carbon fibre chassis, and with a central driving position, engine bay lined with gold and famed McLaren obsession for technical excellence, is considered a true modern-day automotive icon. Powered by a bespoke naturally-aspirated mid-mounted 6.1-litre V12 engine producing 636PS (627bhp), it broke the record for fastest production roadcar with a top speed of 242.8 mph and, more than 20 years on, still holds the title of fastest naturally-aspirated production road car ever built.

If you have enough change down the back of the sofa then you can email for further details and enquiries about #069 however, industry experts have predicted that the F1 could fetch between £9 - £10 million!