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Crowdfunded Tomahawk supercar covers 0-60mph in 3 seconds!

Dubuc Motors is raising $15 million through crowdfunding to build its all-electric prototype - code named 'Tomahawk'.

The California-based startup company is using the website ‘Start Engine’ to help raise the cash for the 2+2, which is set to launch in 2017. The all-wheel drive Tomahawk is powered by twin motors front and rear, accelerating the sports car from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds flat on to a top speed of 160 mph - while returning a driving range of 370 miles. On the inside, the ‘roomy four seater’ was designed for the big and tall, says Dubuc, with cargo space that ‘surpasses expectations’.

Special features include wide opening scissor doors, a panoramic roof, touch screen control panel with live 360 degree cameras as well as wireless connectivity. The chassis has a ‘cab forward design’, with the Tomahawk running on large alloy wheels and adjustable air suspension with an all-aluminium sport double wishbone suspension front and rear.

Dubuc Motors says it has engineered through 12 years of R&D with the aim of delivering an eco-friendly product in mind, but also bringing an added value with ‘incredible’ performances and connectivity. The prototype is the first model of many to soon be built from its universal chassis which also allows for the production of other electric vehicles targeting niche markets within the industry.

Dubuc’s mission is to enable car enthusiasts to acquire a ‘durable vehicle with an ecological conscience’ merging electrical and mechanical engineering to provide an what its calls an unparalleled AWD electric car.