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Cosworth to power Aston Martin-Red Bull AM-RB 001

The Aston Martin-Red Bull concept AM-RB 001 will be powered by engine builder Cosworth.

With design and engineering work on the hypercar progressing, Aston Martin, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and project partner AF Racing have confirmed some of the key technical partners, selected for their expertise and 'willingness to push the performance boundaries'.

The heart of every Aston Martin is its engine, which has been entrusted to legendary engine builder, Cosworth. A name associate with motorsport pedigree, the UK-based company will bring all its Formula One and high performance production engine experience to the AM-RB 001’s bespoke, high-revving 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Mated to the all-new engine is a bespoke 7-speed paddle-shift transmission. Designed and manufactured by Ricardo, to Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ specification, the gearbox will be mated to the Cosworth V12. Adhering to the hypercar’s ethos of ‘minimal mass and maximum efficiency’, and led by Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ simulation work, Ricardo will deploy' intelligent engineering solutions' to achieve Newey’s goals.

The AM-RB 001 also features a lightweight hybrid battery system supplied by Rimac. The Croatian-based company showcased its capabilities with the ‘Concept-One’, the world’s first - and fastest - all-electric hypercar.

With lightweight construction paramount, the AM-RB 001’s MonoCell is constructed from carbon fibre by composite experts, Multimatic. A long-standing technology partner on projects such as the Aston Martin One-77 and Vulcan, Multimatic will combine its manufacturing experience with Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ knowledge gained from the design and build of championship-winning Formula One cars.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 - one bhp for every kilogram of kerbweight - the AM-RB 001 requires a braking system that’s more than the equal of its powertrain. Supplied by Alcon and Surface Transforms, together they will be responsible for supplying the lightweight, high performance brake calipers and carbon discs required to deliver the stopping power.

Bosch has been entrusted with developing the bespoke Engine Control Unit (ECU), Traction Control Unit (TCU) and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) systems while Wipac, is responsible for the hypercar’s full LED headlamps and tail lamps.

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, says of the technical partners supporting the AM-RB 001 project: “Much like Formula One, designing, engineering and building a car like the AM-RB 001 is a massive team effort. To achieve great things you need to surround yourself with the best people. Experience, creativity, energy, diligence and perfectionism are absolute must-have qualities in every area of the project. Having great technical partners such as those working with us is both reassuring and motivating. Together we aim to produce an innovative piece of engineering art."

David King, VP and Chief Special Operations Officer, commented: “Making the AM-RB 001 presents huge challenges. It’s a real test of everyone involved, but that’s as it should be, for we’re genuinely raising the bar with this car. That’s what makes the project so special, and why having the right technical partners is so critical. Some of those names we’re working with are long-standing suppliers of Aston Martin, but there are some new names in there, too. Whether forging fresh partnerships or building on existing relationships, the AM-RB 001 project is a shared engineering adventure we’re all relishing.”

A maximum of 150 road going AM-RB 001s will be built, including all remaining prototypes, with 25 additional track-only versions. First deliveries are due to commence in 2019.

Aston Martin-Red Bull also confirmed the AM-RB 001 will make its first appearance in North America — and global auto show debut — at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto later this month.

President and CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer said: “The Canadian International Auto Show marks the global auto show debut of our groundbreaking hypercar.  The AM-RB 001 is destined to become the defining hypercar of this decade and a hugely desirable investment for collectors and enthusiasts.”