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Consortium led by AC Cars saves Zenos

Grey skies appear to have lifted over British sports car manufacturer Zenos, with the reports it has been saved from administration.

Its new owners, said to be led by a consortium of investors including the backers of AC Cars, famous for its reborn AC Cobra - seems to have struck a deal in secrecy, with reports of the take-over now starting to surface.

AC Cars, owned by South African businessman Alan Lubinsky - who purchased the rights to the Cobra name and intellectual properties in 1996 - will seemingly retain everything Zenos, from the factory right down to 10 new models.

A press release circulating online, reads: "Administrators have today successfully agreed the sale of the assets of British car manufacturer Zenos Cars Limited to a consortium of investors, including the backers of AC Cars Limited, thereby securing the future of the business."

The Norfolk-based company was forced into administration after a series of cancelled export orders in late 2016 which led to a shortage of funds. Launched in September 2013, Zenos specialised in high performance, ultra-lightweight, yet affordable, ‘razor sharp handling’ sports cars.