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Citroën to debut new CXPERIENCE Concept in Paris

The Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept will make its world premiere at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

The plug-in hybrid features a new body style that brings a fresh approach to the hatchback segment, and marks a new offensive in Citroën's brand strategy. With rear-hinged doors and bold lines the concept also has ‘generous curves’. Inspired by the high-tech world, the new front end, grille and updated signature headlights create a 'unique style' while at the rear, strongly marked wings and a concave rear window includes a fin for improved aerodynamics.

Contrasting pearlescent ‘sea green’ exterior paint and citrus yellow on the inside create a ‘fresh ambience’. The seats are upholstered in a padded-effect yellow mesh fabric and the backrests feature an elegant shade of walnut wood. Citroën says the interior was designed to promote well-being, as illustrated by the body-hugging seats. Made from flexible shape-memory foam, both the driver and passenger have wide ‘welcoming’ seats. The enveloping seats in the rear reflect the same "living room" mindset using warm, natural materials.

An easy to use infotainment system allows passengers to control a range of functions. A smartphone and mobile tablet can also be used to activate a range of controls including starting the car and sharing media files with other passengers. The concept also features the ConnectedCAM in car camera that Citroën debuted on the new C3.

The hatchback measures 4.85m long and 2m wide and runs on 5-spoke 22-inch wheels.. The low roof (1.37m) and short overhangs are said to contribute to the CXPERIENCE Concept’s flowing lines.

Power comes from a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with efficient performance, power and versatility. A petrol engine develops between 150 and 200 hp and up to 80 kW of additional energy is provided by the electric motor. The CXPERIENCE can be driven in all-electric mode, with a range of 37 miles. On the open road, fuel consumption can be limited by using the two forms of energy together in successive acceleration phases. On the motorway, the internal combustion engine takes over with a total power output of up to 300bhp. An 8-speed electric automatic gearbox is placed between the combustion engine and the electric motor, and a compact battery is positioned under the cabin to deliver electric power to the rear axle. This ensures both passenger space and boot capacity remains.

The 3 kW battery can be charged in 4.5 hours with a standard charging system, or in less than 2.5 hours with an ultra-simple charging solution based on a 6.6 kW charger designed for connection to a 32A socket.

On the inside, the single-spoke steering wheel is a nod to the brand's history, while the floating dashboard is horizontal in design. It has a three-dimensional appearance, with a sculpted, tubular cut-out. A 19-inch rectangular touch screen is the key focus of the dashboard and central console and is used to operate on-board functions such as air conditioning, driving aids, navigation and media sources. The touch screen is split into several parts, putting the emphasis on the driver as well as the passenger.

Passengers in the back seats have access to a mobile tablet that lets them adjust the seats and air conditioning, as well as providing access to media sharing through the new app ‘Share with U’. With this new service, media files (games, music, videos) can be with shared with other passengers.

Externally, conventional wing mirrors have been replaced by two side cameras which send pictures to small digital screens. Featuring chrome surrounds, these small screens are positioned along the inner door panels on the same trim as the loudspeakers and air vents. The driver has a 360° view of the vehicle's immediate environment, making driving and manoeuvring easier.

The 2016 Paris Motor Show runs from 1-16 October.