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Call for Learners to take Motorway Driving Test

Student drivers are taking to the motorways in England, Scotland and Wales but 6 out of 10 motorists believe motorway driving should be part of the driving test.

The figures come from a survey conducted by Citroën and IAM RoadSmart revealing that 61% of the 1,032 IAM RoadSmart members surveyed believe students should be tested on motorways before being handed their licence.

From Monday 4 June 2018, learner drivers can take lessons on Britain’s motorways for the very first time. Cars must be fitted with dual controls and the student driver must bea companied by an approved driving instructor.

This latest change to the motorway driving law follows updates made to the driving test in December 2017, designed to make it more relevant in the real world, with independent driving elements and new manoeuvres. Together the new rules are intended to encourage safer driving for new motorists.

Currently, learner drivers can pass the driving test without ever having driven on a motorway but the new rules mean students now have the chance to develop vital driving skills such as how to join flowing traffic from a slip road, leave the motorway, overtake and use the lanes correctly.

Nevertheless, these new motorway driving lessons are voluntary and it will be up to driving instructors to decide when and if their student drivers experience driving on a motorway.

Souad Wrixen, Citroën UK’s Marketing Director, commented; “Citroën is a brand that understands the importance of educating new drivers, and ensuring they develop the essential skills needed to get behind the wheel of a car.”

The survey was conducted by IAM RoadSmart between 22 September and 9 October 2017.