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BMW X6 tackles extreme weather for “Frozen Romania” short film

Stanislav Cociorva and Ecaterina Cernei, a creative couple known as “neat.graphics” or simply Stanly & Katya, have taken a BMW X6 on an epic adventure for the shooting of their new short film about the wild, snow covered, Romania.

On the toughest days of the Romanian winter, this year over 50 cm of snow fell in only 24 hours and temperatures fell to -20 °C and below. Exploring the unique frozen landscapes of the Romanian mountains, BMW described the hero of the project as the X6 M50d xDrive. It faced down the extreme winter conditions and snow covered mountain roads taking the team to the perfect shooting locations.

“As we already had acquired experience filming Romania in the summer, we were tempted to make another movie in winter. Using the knowledge we had gained during our previous trips we chose locations which offered a rich diversity of natural landscapes and cultural landmarks”, explained Katya.

The project was filmed in 10 locations over 2 weeks, covering a distance of 1553 miles. It included high-altitude mountain roads winding their way up to 2000m. Among them, the famous and wild “Transfăgărăşan” which Jeremy Clarkson called “the most beautiful road in the world”, almost completely covered in snow. Remote mountain castles also feature spectacularly in the film, including the famous Dracula Castle, Bran, which Stanly & Katya said probably received the most elaborate shot.

“The greatest challenge we faced during our trip was the weather. Specifically mountain hairpin turns covered with snow and ice. The BMW X 6 M50d is not only an epic presence in the film, but also got us to remote locations uncompromisingly and helped realise our project on time. Regardless of the extreme winter conditions and rough state of the mountain roads, we always managed to reach our destination”, continued Stanly.

“Frozen Romania” can be seen below: