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BMW and GoPro team up with iOS app

The BMW Group Technology Office USA and GoPro have announced that the BMW M Laptimer app will include the ability to control a GoPro camera on iOS devices.

Beginning summer 2016 the Laptimer app will use BMW’s iDrive controller and high-resolution screen. With this enhancement, when BMW drivers start and stop the app, they simultaneously start and stop the recording of the connected GoPro camera (HERO3 and later).

In addition to the video stored on the GoPro camera, a low-res version is saved on the phone so that it can be played back next to the map view on the Laptimer app. When launching the app in the iDrive system, a GoPro tab will appear in the menu. Clicking on that tab will make specific GoPro functions available on the iDrive screen. These include: Name of the connected camera, to ensure the intended camera is being controlled, live preview image - to adjust the angle of the controlled camera (when parked), WiFi signal strength, battery charge level as well as access to the camera power button in order to preserve the battery when not in use.

The M Laptimer record button will prompt the GoPro camera to start recording. The Stop button ends the recording of both the app and the GoPro camera simultaneously.

For playback, users will see a new “GoPro” menu entry. Clicking on that entry will enable the low-res version of the video to be played on the phone below the map view. Playback controls such as pause/play, scrubbing and playback time are displayed above the video image.

Intended for track days, the app records data from the vehicle’s on-board network and GPS receiver to create comparative track sessions and provide performance information. It generates track maps and captures driving data including top speed, number of laps, best lap time and ambient temperature. Information is then presented on the scorecard screen when the vehicle is no longer in motion.

Providing ‘highly visual depictions’ of throttle, speed, brake input, steering angle, engine RPM, fuel level, and g-force, users can zoom in and out, and rewind or fast forward through track recordings. Users can select their own laps or compare against a lap sent by another BMW driver, and then share results through social media integration, including Facebook and Twitter.