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BAC tests 'lighter than carbon' graphene in Mono

Bespoke supercar manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is testing a new lightweight material - graphene - in its Mono supercar.

The Mono features panels made from graphene, constructed in partnership with Haydale Composite Solutions, that brings weight and strength benefits. The Mono's rear wheel arches are made from the new material which is created using sheets of carbon just one atom thick, making it 'significantly lighter' than standard carbon fibre says BAC. The Liverpool based company also claims it's stronger than carbon fibre, resulting in weight reductions of 'around 20% while being 200 times stronger than steel'. These benefits could have implications for cost, performance and fuel economy when applied wider in the manufacturing process.

BAC chose to test the use of graphene on the rear wheel arches due to the size and complexity of the part, to thoroughly test the manufacturing process and see how the material fitted in with the car.

BAC Development Director and co-founder Neill Briggs said: “BAC is uniquely placed in the automotive industry to be able to take innovative steps, and latest work with graphene is further proof of this. Making significant weight savings and improving body strength will allow us to offer improved performance to our customers.”

Ebby Shahidi, Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd.’s Director of Aerospace and Defence added: “These initial materials have shown some major increases in impact and thermal performance coupled with improved surface finish and it’s pleasing to see these attributes being demonstrated on such a high performance vehicle as the Mono.