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All-electric 520 hp Nikola Zero 4x4 can drive under water!

US-based Nikola Motor Company is set to launch a 520 horsepower, 4x4 electric UTV (Utility Task Vehicle).

Named after the famous electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, and pronounced ‘Neek-oh-la’, the company was formed by Founder and CEO Trevor Milton some years ago to design and manufacture electric vehicles, energy storage systems and electric vehicle drivetrain components. 

Reservations have just begun and the first working prototypes are set to be shown to the public later this year.

The fully-electric 4x4 UTV (dubbed ‘Nikola Zero’) will have a range of 100-150 miles on a full charge of its 50 kWh, 400 Volt battery. Delivering the equivalent of 520 hp and 476 ft.lbs of torque, the electric motor will propel the Zero from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds.

With 20-inch suspension clearance, 14.5 inches of ground clearance, huge 32-inch tyres and a waterproof electric motor and gearbox, the Zero is ready for the toughest terrain and can even drive under water!

It comes with a 2-year warranty and retails for $42,000 (around £29,000).

"By working together with some of the top engineering firms in America, we were able to design vehicles that have previously been thought impossible to design," said Milton.

A 2,000 hp electric semi-truck is also on the way. For complete product details on both vehicles, visit www.nikolamotor.com