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Lamborghini launches Track and Play app

Lamborghini Aventador and Huracán owners who like to use their cars on track days can now record and analyse their performance thanks to a new App.

Track and Play is a product from Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini's sport range, developed by After Sales in collaboration with R&D. Track and Play is comprised of an App for iOS and a control unit on the super sports car.

Once a smartphone is connected via WiFi to the central unit, the driver of a Lamborghini Aventador or Huracán can record their personal performance on track, using any of the many pre-uploaded tracks or a new track created by the driver.

Described as the  official telemetry tool for every Huracán and Aventador owner, Lamborghini says the App can collect and analyse all the telemetric data, synchronised with the video footage.

When driving on a race circuit, the performance indicators, the sector and lap times are visualised as well as the lap time deltas are displayed in comparison with a reference lap.

The App uses a precise system data supplied directly by a separate control unit in the vehicle (available at every authorised Lamborghini Dealer and Service Point).

Lap times can be measured automatically via GPS and precise vehicle data (including video) can be recorded, analysed and managed directly on your device.

Features include:

• 56 preloaded tracks, including Monza, Nürburgring, Francorchamp, Le Mans and many more
• Create and manage personalized profiles, including variables such as tyres and weather
• Customized Lamborghini cockpit view
• HD recording
• Simultaneous data analysis
• Ghost lap
• Video and data synchronization
• Multiple lap data comparison
• Complete on-track performance analysis


• Lamborghini Huracán or Aventador (all versions)
• Track and Play ECU installed on vehicle
• iPhone 5 (or newer) running at least iOS 8.0 (with location, camera and microphone access)

You can download the Track and Play App now from the App Store 

See it in action below: