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Tesla reveals new Model 3

Tesla has pulled the covers off its fourth all-electric car, the Model 3.

CEO Elon Musk described the new Model 3 as the “final step in the master plan, a mass market, affordable car” at the launch in California, while confirming the total number of orders in the first 24-hours had passed 115,000.

Described as seating 5 adults comfortably, this is aided by the lack of combustion engine upfront which allowed engineers to move the front seats forward while compressing the instrument panel, thus creating more rear leg room. The Model 3 also retains front and rear ‘boot’ space.

With high volume, and a lower price the model 3 combines an all-electric real world driving range of at least 215 miles, with a 0-60mph time of under 6 seconds, even for the entry level model. All Model 3s will have access to Tesla’s Supercharging network as standard, with over 3,600 worldwide superchargers at present. The company has promised to doubled the total by the end of next year and quadrupled its ‘destination chargers’ to a total of 15,000 charge points.

In terms of servicing, currently Tesla has 215 locations in North America, Europe and Asia  but also confirmed it would be doubling that to more than 441 locations worldwide. 

Musk described the new model as an “incredibly safe car” and promised a 5-Star Safety Rating in every category. Auto pilot hardware comes as standard on every model.

The Tesla Model 3 costs $35,000 in the US before incentives (Approx. £24,425) with UK pricing yet to be confirmed. First customer deliveries are expected in 2017.

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