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Spyker C8 Preliator revealed

Spyker has unveils its third-generation sports car - the C8 Preliator.

The C8 Preliator’s design incorporates Spyker’s aviation heritage, reflected among others, in the Head-Up Display similar to that a pilot may see which is fitted as standard to every car.

The Preliator name, which means ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’ in latin, pays tribute to that aviation heritage. Fighters are warplanes as made by Spyker between 1914 and 1918. The interior features plenty of aviation style switches and dials, while the 3D LED rear lights are styled on the nozzle of a modern jet engine. The sports car runs on 12-spoke ‘Rotorblade’ alloy wheels - also inspired by the turbine blades of a jet engine.

By mounting a supercharger to the Audi V8 engine performance has improved ‘significantly’ compared to its predecessor with the rear-mid mounted V8 producing 525bhp, mated to a 6-speed manual or automatic.

The successor to the C8 Aileron, launched at Geneva in 2009, is ‘made for discerning owners who appreciate the attention to detail and bespoke features’ says Spyker such as the latin axiom which has adorned the Spyker propellor logo since 1914 “Nulla tenacia invia est via” (for the tenacious no road is impassable) now etched on the exhaust tail pipe. 

Exclusivity is also assured as the Dutch company has confirmed it will only produce 50 units.