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Jannarelly reveals retro-styled sportscar

New Jannarelly car brand is centred on automotive emotions

All-new car brand, Jannarelly, is set to launch early next year with its first model, the Design-1 - a track-ready sportscar with a distinctly retro look.

Designer, Anthony Jannarelly, and Frederic Juillot, owner of Equation Composite, a company specialised in carbon fibre parts, have combined their skills and experience to create the all-new high-performance, customisable lightweight sportscar.

The Dubai-based Frenchmen own a Caterham and a Donkervoort respectively, and describe themselves as great admirers of ‘classic car design with timeless lines as well as the essence of the 60’s motoring era’. 

They began with a straightforward concept: A really simple and mechanical car with state-of-the-art components that can be customised until it reflects its owner.

The Jannarelly Design-1 is a rear wheel drive 2-seater roadster with a steel tubular frame and structural aluminium panels for the chassis. It is fitted with a mid-rear V6 DOHC 24-valve engine. Most of the body is made out of fibreglass and carbon fibre.

The Jannarelly brand is said to centred on automotive emotions, self-expression and creativity. Its whole purpose is to allow a great freedom in self-customisation and pure performance. The first model draws inspiration from the universe of Petrolicious, Jay Leno's garage and Magnus Walker. 

Jannarelly says that both the Design-1’s lines and its simple and flexible mechanical approach pay tribute to the 1960s, ‘the golden age of the sports car, when design and technology were in perfect sync, generating organic, feminine lines, naturally modelled.’

The first prototype is set for completion in early February and deliveries of a first series of 30 cars are expected to begin in the summer of 2016.