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Fiat 500 to perform with Ella Eyre on stage

British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre is set to be joined on stage by the new Fiat 500.

Specially-invited guests and members of the media will see the new Fiat 500 on stage with Ella Eyre this September, as 'they' perform a specially re-mastered version of the No. 1 track "Best of My Love" by The Emotions - marking the arrival of 2015 Fiat 500 in UK showrooms. Details of just how the Fiat 500 will make its contribution to the track, and where the London location for this special event will take place, are both still under wraps.

First launched in 2007, the latest generation Fiat 500 retains the same 'look and charm' of its predecessor but with 1,800 modifications for 2015. Fiat says, like the classic pop song Ella Eyre will cover, the 500 has also been re-mastered for a new generation, with advanced technologies, refreshed interior and exterior style, better economy and efficiency and even more customisation options.

Commenting on the collaboration with the New Fiat 500, Ella Eyre said: "It's great to be working with Fiat, I loved working on the track - which I am really pleased with - and I'm looking forward to debuting it live in such a unique way."

Sebastiano Fedrigo, Head of Brand for Fiat UK said, "You don't replace an icon - you embrace it and evolve it and that's what we've done with the New Fiat 500. It has been truly re-mastered and reloaded and we wanted to mark the launch with a spectacular and memorable event and what better way than to use the car to re-master an iconic track with a sensational up-and-coming artist like Ella Eyre? We are very excited to be working with such a talented performer and to see the New Fiat 500 and Ella Eyre perform together on 2 September."

The new Fiat 500 will be in showrooms from 2 September with prices starting at £10,890 OTR.