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Zenos plans more powerful E10 'R'

Zenos Cars has confirmed a new E10 model will be its fastest, most focused model to date.

Called the E10R, the British company has released teaser images and details of its super-high-performance brief. The latest addition to the E10 range gets a large increase in power, representing a logical progression for the model says Zenos.

Featuring a carbon and aluminium chassis, carbon fibre bucket seats and running on 12-spoke OZ Racing alloys, the E10R sits at the pinnacle of the range and 'will stay true to the Zenos philosophy of low-cost ownership, offering maximum performance and affordability'.

Mark Edwards, Founder and Managing Director, asks of the new model: "Is it indulgent? Maybe. Is it insane? Very possibly. Is it astonishing? Absolutely!"

The company's first car, the mid-engined E10 is built around a rigid tub and backbone, bonded together to form an 'immensely strong' platform. With the use of recycled carbon fibre, the tub offers 70 per cent of the mechanical performance of new carbon fibre at around 10 per cent of the cost.

Production of the E10 began in January 2015 with the range expanding quickly, producing the E10S, offering 250 bhp from Ford's turbocharged 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine. Zenos Cars was established in 2012 to design and produce high-performance, ultra-lightweight yet affordable sports cars that deliver maximum driving thrills. The company is 100 per cent British-owned, and the cars it produces are 100 per cents British-designed, British-supplied and British-built.