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Renault unveils ALASKAN pick-up concept

The ALASKAN Concept previews Renault's forthcoming move into the pick-up market with a new one-tonne model set to be unveiled early next year.

As well as consolidating its position as Europe's number one Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) brand for the past 17 years, Renault is now looking to become a top global player with a move into the pick-up segment that accounts for more than one-third of LCV sales worldwide.

The ALASKAN Concept show truck paves the way for a new pick-up model geared for a global audience and follows the launch last June, in Buenos Aires, of the Renault Duster Oroch pick-up, which is intended for the South American market.

In parallel to its product and market offensives, Renault is also launching Renault Pro+, a global expert brand serving LCV customers and users, which forms an integral part of its plans to become a top global LCV market player.

"We are now equipped to take our Global Growth Plan forward and fulfil the aspirations of business users and individual LCV customers across the world thanks to an enhanced product line-up, new services and an upgraded customer experience", commented Mr Ashwani Gupta, Vice-President, Global Head of LCVs.

The ALASKAN Concept design is described as robust, athletic and cutting-edge, whilst remaining true to the Renault brand's own styling cues.

The front end features a large, prominent logo, flanked by C-shaped full-LED headlamps, topped off with a bonnet characterised by four sculptured ribs to heighten the impression of strength. 

Its sculpted sides include prominent arches filled with 21-inch wheels, with centres and brake callipers detailed in blue and yellow to match the door mirrors and front tow hook.

Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Design, commented: "The styling of the ALASKAN Concept sticks to the rules of the pick-up segment, including impressive dimensions and a visual sense of power and robustness. At the same time, we have dialled in specific Renault cues in the form of an attractive, status-enhancing front-end design."

Powered by the same four-cylinder, twin turbo diesel engine fitted to the Master range, the ALASKAN Concept was designed to meet the requirements of three different worlds: business, leisure and everyday motoring. Renault's designers worked jointly with Swedish camera brand Hasselblad to underline the concept's versatility in these areas.

This new one-tonne pick-up will be unveiled in the first half of 2016.