Renault Wind (2010-2012)

Look past the silly name and the Renault Wind has much to offer. Cheap to buy and run, quirkily styled and with a great chassis – set up the boys from Renaultsport – the Wind deserved a better fate. As it was, this Twingo-based roadster lasted just 18 months with a mere handful sold in the UK; now it represents a truly affordable and distinctive route into open-topped motoring.

Key dates

7/10: The Wind arrives in the UK, in Dynamique and Dynamique S forms with 1.2 Tce 100 or 1.6 VVT 133 engines. Launch cars are also offered in Collection guise.

1/11: The model line-up is tweaked to consist of Dynamique and GT Line.

7/11: There’s now a Gordini option, in Dynamique or GT Line guises. There are no mechanical changes over the regular models though.

2/12: The Wind is canned in the UK.


  • The seals between the roof and the side windows can fail, especially if the car has been pressure washed a lot.
  • The turbocharged 1.2 TCe engine is the more zesty powerplant of the two, but the 1.6 sounds better and offers more muscle.
  • Practicality might be an issue; the boot is small and there’s seating for just two.
  • Visibility is poor and not all cars have parking sensors, so check for scrapes.
  • Wind noise is poor, especially at speed with the roof down.
  • The paint can peel from the plastic trim around the rear window.

We like

  • Driving experience
  • Value
  • Quirkiness
  • Rarity
  • Neat electric roof

We don’t like

  • Cheap interior
  • Poor visibility
  • High-speed refinement

Richard Dredge