Megane II


Renault Megane (2002-2008)

You could buy it as a saloon, a hatch, a convertible or an estate, with a choice of engines and a multitude of trims - Renault really did aim to have a Megane for everyone. However, more people hated the exterior styling than liked it and build quality could be patchy, ensuring savage depreciation. Which only makes the car an even better buy - as long you find a good one.

Key Dates

8/02: The second-generation Megane debuts in three and five-door hatchback forms.

7/03: A five-door estate and four-door saloon join the range, along with a coupé-cabriolet.

2/04: The first RenaultSport model arrives; the 225.

4/05: The RenaultSport 225 Trophy reaches showrooms.

6/05: The RenaultSport 225 Cup debuts.

4/06: The 225bhp RenaultSport F1 Team edition arrives.

7/06: A 2.0T (turbocharged petrol) engine appears, with 165bhp.

10/06: The RenaultSport 230 F1 Team R26 debuts.

Renault Megane II (2002-2008) Checklist

  • Water can get into the fusebox of early cars, wreaking havoc with the electrics. A sealing kit is available.
  • Even cars with a sound fusebox can suffer from temperamental electrics, so check everything.
  • The headlight bulbs blow readily and replacing them isn't straightforward - even if you follow the official instructions.
  • The 225's catalytic converter can be wrecked through misfiring, so have an emissions check carried out;.
  • On turbodiesels, the exhaust gas recirculation valve can be unreliable, leading to a rough-running engine.
  • Cars with 17-inch wheels can suffer from premature tyre wear because of the suspension set-up.

We Like

  • Value
  • Safety credentials
  • Refinement
  • Diesel engines
  • Estate practicality

We Don't Like

  • Uncertain reliability
  • Patchy dynamics