Bentley Arnage (1998-2010)

Few cars offer a sense of occasion like travelling - and arriving - in a Bentley. That's certainly the case with the Arnage, available for ridiculously small amounts of money. Sadly, despite low purchase prices, running costs tend to be high - so don't get carried away snapping up a cheap Arnage, only to find that it bankrupts you at the first service..

Key Dates

6/98: The Arnage debuts with a BMW 4.4-litre V8.

9/99: The Red Label Arnage appears, with the classic 400bhp 6.75-litre pushrod V8; from this point on, the BMW-engined Arnage is known as the Green Label.

1/02: A long-wheelbase version of the Red Label is now offered, along with the 450bhp Arnage T.

3/02: The Arnage R arrives.

3/03: The long-wheelbase Arnage RL appears, with a 450bhp V8.

11/06: The V8 gets an overhaul, with displacement rising to 6761cc and power jumping by 50bhp.

9/08: The run-out Arnage Final Series goes on sale.


  • That bluff front easily gets damaged by flying debris, so check for paint chips.
  • Be wary of wacky colour schemes specified by first owners with more money than taste.
  • Alloy wheels don't age well, with peeling lacquer par for the course.
  • Interiors also don't necessarily age well; look for sagging leather, delaminating wood and tatty carpets.
  • The suspension and brakes have to work hard; check they're not tired, as they often are.
  • Check who has serviced the car; independent specialists are fine - but it needs to be somebody with a decent reputation.

We Like

  • Prestige
  • Comfort
  • Power
  • Value

We Don't Like

  • Running costs