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 How To Avoid Depreciation 
We all know that our cars lose value as they get older. Depreciation, unfortunately this is a fact of life... or is it?

Gap Insurance protects you from this Depreciation.

• Gives you added protection if your car is declared a write-off or it is stolen.
• Pays the difference between purchase price and your motor insurers payout.

Visit: for clear information on all types of Gap Insurance.
 How Gap Insurance works
Vehicle Cost £18,000
Motor Insurance Settlement £11,000
GAP INSURANCE payout £7,000
 What are the benefits? 
Click4Gap Insurance For a premium starting at just £55, you can be safe in the knowledge that should your vehicle be a Total Loss (stolen or written-off,) you won't lose a penny.

You may have a 'new for old' Motor Insurance, which will replace your vehicle with a new model as long as it is under a certain age and covered less than a stated mileage. But unfortunately, should your vehicle be stolen or written-off a day after the 'new-for-old' policy expires, the insurance company will give you the trade value and not a new vehicle. GAP will give you the full price you paid for the vehicle.

Cover varies depending on who you buy GAP Insurance from, but most offer 3 years cover. If you prefer to select your own term and claim value Click4gap offer this for terms of up to 4 years with a one-off payment. Click4Gap offer cover for both new and used vehicles, cars purchased privately or from a dealer, bought on finance, cash or contract hire. Cars can be up to 7 years old when the policy is purchased.

Visit: for clear information on all types of Gap Insurance.
Click4Gap Insurance
 The Facts
  • A car is stolen every minute of the day in the UK
  • There are more than two million vehicle related thefts each year
  • Vehicle crime accounts for nearly 20% of all crimes recorded
  • Over 500,000 vehicles become a total loss each year
  • Every day in the UK more than 200 vehicles are involved in serious car accidents
  • Cars seem to be depreciating at a far greater rate than ever before
  • Motor Insurance valuations are less than the amount you paid for the car
  • You pay the deprecation, not your motor insurer
  • In 2003/04 around 10% of vehicle-owning households experienced some type of vehicle related-theft
  • One third of stolen cars are never recovered
  • For cars aged between 1-5 years old - 5 were stolen per 1000 registered
 Return To Invoice Insurance (RTI)
  • Premiums start at just £73
  • For cars owned under 3 Months.
  • Available for cars purchased privately or from a dealer
  • Click4Gap RTI Gap Insurance is available to you whether you paid cash, borrowed the money from a Bank or Motor Loan or even have a contract hire (PCP) agreement.
  • Cars can be up to 7 years old when the policy is purchased
 Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI)
  • Premiums start at just £115
  • Great cover for New and Ex-demonstration cars less than 3 months old.
  • Click4Gap VRI is available to you whether you paid cash or borrowed the money from a Bank or Motor Loan.
  • Replace your car with a brand new one!
  • VRI Gap Insurance will pay to you the difference between the settlement you receive from the Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy and the cost of a replacement new vehicle, even if the retail price has increased!