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 70 Listings for Jaguar in Car Search
Jaguar F-TYPE  Found 14 models from £51,140 including...
 Jaguar F-TYPE Cvtbl 3.0 v6 380ps s/ch s au  Convertible
 Jaguar F-TYPE Cpe 3.0 v6 380ps s/ch s au  Coupe
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Jaguar Xe  Found 22 models from £26,940 including...
 Jaguar Xe Sal 2.0d 180ps r-sport  
 Jaguar Xe Sal 2.0d 163ps portfolio  
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Jaguar XF  Found 12 models from £33,445 including...
 Jaguar XF Sal 3.0d 240ps v6 r-sport au  Saloon
 Jaguar XF Sal 5.0 510ps v8 sprchrgd r au  Saloon
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Jaguar XF Sportbrake  Found 11 models from £35,945 including...
 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Xf Sptbrk 3.0d 240ps v6 r-sport au  Estate
 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Xf Sptbrk 3.0d 275ps v6 s portfolio au  Estate
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Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake  Found 1 model from £82,355 including...
 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake Xfr-s Sptbrk 5.0l 550ps v8 sprchrgd au  Estate
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Jaguar XJ  Found 12 models from £56,845 including...
 Jaguar XJ Sal 3.0d portfolio swb au  Saloon
 Jaguar XJ Sal 3.0d portfolio lwb au  Saloon
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Jaguar XJR  Found 1 model from £79,855 including...
 Jaguar XJR Sal 5.0l 550ps v8 sprchrgd au  Saloon
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Jaguar XK  Found 2 models from £54,835 including...
 Jaguar XK Conv 5.0l v8 signature au  Convertible
 Jaguar XK Cpe 5.0l v8 signature au  Coupe
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Jaguar XKR  Found 5 models from £69,835 including...
 Jaguar XKR Dynamic Cvtbl 5.0l sprchrgd au  Convertible
 Jaguar XKR -s Cpe 5.0l v8 gt supercharged au  Coupe
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