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 236 Listings for Skoda in Car Search
Skoda Citigo  Found 16 models from £8,210 including...
 Skoda Citigo Hat 1.0 mpi 60 se  3dr Hatch
 Skoda Citigo Hat 1.0 mpi 75 elgc greentech  3dr Hatch
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Skoda Fabia  Found 35 models from £10,600 including...
 Skoda Fabia Hat 1.2 tsi 110ps s dsg  5dr Hatch
 Skoda Fabia Est 1.2 tsi 110ps s dsg  Estate
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Skoda Octavia  Found 71 models from £16,525 including...
 Skoda Octavia Hat 1.8 tsi 180ps l+k dsg  5dr Hatch
 Skoda Octavia Est 1.2 tsi 105ps se  Estate
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Skoda Rapid  Found 31 models from £13,150 including...
 Skoda Rapid Hat 1.2 tsi 105ps se  5dr Hatch
 Skoda Rapid Hat 1.6 tdi cr 90ps se greentech  5dr Hatch
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Skoda Rapid Spaceback  Found 26 models from £14,500 including...
 Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1.6 Tdi cr 105 se sport  5dr Hatch
 Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1.2 Tsi 86ps s greentech  5dr Hatch
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Skoda Roomster  Found 16 models from £9,975 including...
 Skoda Roomster 1.2 12v 69ps se  People Carrier
 Skoda Roomster 1.2 Tsi 105ps se  People Carrier
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Skoda Superb  Found 31 models from £18,670 including...
 Skoda Superb Hat 1.6tdi cr 105ps s  Saloon
 Skoda Superb Hat 2.0tdi cr 140ps se dsg  Saloon
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Skoda Superb Estate  Found 33 models from £19,795 including...
 Skoda Superb Estate Est 2.0tdi cr 170ps elegance  Estate
 Skoda Superb Estate Est 2.0tdi cr 140ps se  Estate
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Skoda Yeti  Found 14 models from £16,895 including...
 Skoda Yeti 2.0 Tdi cr 110ps s  5dr Hatch
 Skoda Yeti 1.2 Tsi 105ps elegance  5dr Hatch
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Skoda Yeti Outdoor  Found 27 models from £16,895 including...
 Skoda Yeti Outdoor 2.0 Tdi cr 110ps se  4 x 4
 Skoda Yeti Outdoor 1.2 Tsi 105ps elegance dsg  4 x 4
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