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Ice Saab in Sweden

This is one car you mustn't use anti-freeze on, unless you need a large puddle in a hurry.

Premium automaker Saab has created an ice sculpture of the Aero X car, and placed it in the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

The ice car was created by Simon Padian, chief designer for Saab and Tjasa Gusfors - a leading designer at the Ice Hotel, specialising in ice and snow sculpture.

Simon Padian: "The Move Your Mind room is designed to be a journey, a flow, a pulse which aims to disrupt and challenge the visitors perceptions of what is normal or expected.

"The installation is designed to create an audiovisual experience that defies the visitor's senses. We hope that the public will find it thought-provoking and leave feeling more engaged with the Saab brand."

Visitors will be encouraged to walk through an ice suite showcasing Saab's design heritage.

The highlight is undoubtedly the ice sculpted Saab Aero X, backlit with some impressive light and sound sequences.

Posted on 13.02.2008
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